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Classification of leather sofa

The sofa can be divided into the leather sofa, leather sofa, leather sofa semi permeable three. And while leather texture is different, generally have the following:

The dye penetrating the skin (Mao Xikong visible)

This leather is currently the most advanced domestic andimported leather leather. Because produced in Europeanboreal countries, so the leather organization delicate,tough, not easy to crack, good sense of touch.

Secondary the dyeing carpels (Mao Xikong visible)

The leather after the dyeing carpels, manufacturing originwith the same dye penetrating the skin.

Paint for the leather sofa tropical Australia, resulting in the manufacture of leather when the surface pluschemical coating in order to consolidate and strengthen the toughness, leather, sofa is not easy to crack in sitting,to ensure the quality of.

Inferior leather coating

This leather upper leather after coating, the price moderate, good quality, the products of high quality and inexpensive, is the most used leather.

Buffalo Leather

This leather production for Thailand, because the hard material, flexibility is poor, so that the manufacturingquality of the sofa is a bit poor. At present, advertised on the market cheaper imported leather sofa for such products.

Replication and processing leather this product left forleather surface autologous leather organization. The remaining tissue by manufacturers, strengthen the skinafter replication copy leather production.


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