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Try to sit on sofa to know good and bad

Whether leather, cloth sofa, must use quality fabrics andfilling of fine fine to do, in order to have a comfortable seat and head, waist position by sense, it is also the key to judge good or bad. Styles can be imitated, but comfortto decide sofa value, try to sit, lean on, then decide your choice.

---- really leather sofa.

 choice sofa size should be proportionate to the size of the room. Can be single, double, triple seat combination(1+2+3), also can choose a corner sofa or free collocation.

 sofa in leather can be roughly divided into three kinds:all green, half green husk, thick skin, because of differentmaterials of different modelling of sofa leather, softleather sofa thickness determines the quality and taste.

 high imports of leather has the advantages ofworkmanship, texture fine, coriaceous softness,depending on the sense of shiny, not easy to aging and decoloration etc..

 sofa frame and the filling materials decide the length of life.

 really leather sofa of black, red, blue, green, brown,coffee, brown and white and other colors available.

Fabric sofa ---- ----

 sofa fabric variety, rich patterns, artistic strong, popular in the world, become fashion.

 sofa fabric has soft and comfortable, varied styles, rich colors.

 cloth inner frame and material and quality, origin,texture, abrasion resistance, anti fouling, anti - static,shrinkage and other factors determines the quality andlife of cloth art sofa filled.

 fabric sofa dry clean only (except manufacturers havespecial declaration).

Other sofas ---- ----

 leather sofa leather, cloth -- combined with the characteristics of combination.

 wood frame of neoclassical style sofa

 Chinese traditional mahogany sofa

 classical European style sofa

 fabric sofa bed

Hint: moving the sofa, please lift light light, direct pullingthe arm of the sofa backrest or may cause injury of saltysofa

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