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Furniture material: sponge

A lot of sponge species used furniture, a foamed cotton,cotton, cotton, rubber shape memory cotton etc..

The first class: shaping cotton

This material consists of a poly amino acid cottonmaterial, the foaming agent and other additives, pressure agent into the simple mould heating can form differentshapes of sponge, it is suitable for chair sofa cushion,back cotton, also have a small amount of handrails andstyling cotton. At present, the 55#~60# density of the material, the elasticity is consistent with the relevant national standards. Sponge elastic hardness can be adjusted according to different products, different parts ofadjustment. General a cotton with high hardness, density is high, the pillow back cotton, cotton is more soft.

Second class: foamed cotton

Polyether foam with this material like foam molding,bread. The available mechanical equipment foam also artificial board in foaming, the foam cotton like a squarebread slicing machine, use after slicing process,according to the different requirements of cuttingthickness, foam cotton also can adjust the hardness. Acotton generally use the 25~28KG/m5, the 20~22KG/m3 density.

The hardness and density sponge has a direct relationship, but with different additives were also has a relationship, so the industry of high elasticity, ash, black ash super, super soft cotton. Product design should be used according to different shapes, structure isreasonable collocation, generally divided into upper,lower, in three parts with different elasticity, density sponge.

Third: rubber cotton

A sponge, it is the main raw material and natural latexfoam rubber, it has characteristics, excellent elasticity,good elasticity, no deformation, but not cheap, 3~4 times higher than the foam cotton.

The three cotton price from high to low order: cotton,cotton, rubber forming foam

Fourth class: regeneration of cotton

Furniture products are a kind of call "renewable cotton",in fact it is sponge scrap extrusion joint. The cost is very low, but the elastic range, the density is not a.

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