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Cloth art sofa maintenance errors

Cloth art sofa maintenance knowledge we learned a lot,and the knowledge of professional or uneven, so everyone in the servicing of the sofa to use somemaintenance skills, they would enter into some errors,today for you to prepare the cloth art sofa maintenanceerror area, together have a look you have entered thewrong oh.

Misunderstanding 1: when drying for as long as possible.The summer sun is good, a lot of people think that the sofa cushion, cushion to dry in the sun can remove the bacteria on the sofa. But also have a degree of drying in the sun, moderate drying can kill bacteria, but if a long time in the sun can make sofa cloth qualitative hard,brittle and thus reduces the life of fabric sofa.

Misunderstanding 2: exposure to high-temperature anti-virus. The summer sun, put the sofa in the sun to dry.Indeed, exposure can undoubtedly be sterilization, butexposure damage to fabric sofa is very big. The changes in temperature will affect the fabric color, will causefading, discoloration of the phenomenon, and will enable the fabric to harden effect of fabric sofa comfort.

Misunderstanding 3: often beat the dust removal. Many people have misunderstandings of dust on the sofa, oftenbeat that can effectively remove dust, let the seat to keep clean. In fact, the cushion does not need regular beat, do regular cleaning it. The regular beat cushion will make the cushion inside the cotton loose, leading to cushiondeformation.

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