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Solid wood furniture and Maintenance Tips
Publisher:KADI  Published:2013-06-05

Solid wood furniture in the use of the process also cannot do without reasonable maintenance. Proper care, solid wood furniture can be lasting; if the maintenance method is improper, it will affect the normal use, and the service life of solid wood furniture will be greatly reduced. Today, with everyone together to share some details of solid wood furniture in the maintenance of the process need to pay attention to.

A procedure / method

1 pay attention to the furniture surface cleaning and maintenance. Timing dry soft cloth gently wipe the surface dust and cotton, every once in a while, with twist dry wet cotton yarn moisture to dust the furniture nook and cranny carefully wipe, wipe with a dry soft cloth clean;

2 avoid stains with alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents. If the furniture surface stains, never hard fierce wipe, usable warm tea besmirch gently remove, wait until the water evaporates after in the original parts with a little light wax, then lightly grinding wipe several times to form a protective film;

3 avoid scratch hard objects. When cleaning, do not touch the furniture cleaning tools, usually must pay attention, do not let the hard metal products or other sharp object collision furniture, protect the surface appears not bumps scratches;

4 away from the heat source. In winter, the best furniture in heating flow distance of 1 meters of place, avoid long time high baking, make limited parch and split wood, the deflection and the film local metamorphism;

5 pure solid wood furniture in use, should try to keep the stability of the environment, especially temperature and humidity should not be drastic changes, otherwise it will cause the deformation furniture;

6 avoid direct sunlight. Should avoid outdoor sunlight for long time exposure furniture a whole or partial, its position is put in best able to avoid sunlight in place, or with transparent gauze curtain separated from direct sunlight, so, does not affect the indoor lighting, and

Protect indoor furniture.

Matters needing attention

When the wet season comes, will often give a solid wood furniture and ventilation. At the same time, can also put some bags of desiccant in solid wood furniture, prevent laminates due to damp and moldy and rotten, affecting the normal use of solid wood furniture.

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