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Classification and characteristics of furniture
Publisher:kadi  Published:2013-05-06

Features: solid wood furniture is generally for the mortise structure, namely fixed structure.

Glossary: furniture body is made of natural wood, only with some plywood and other accessories known as solid wood furniture. So what is the furniture body? Side door, cabinet, panel, side panel, foot table, this is the main body of furniture. And as some cabinet floor. Drawer bottom, does not belong to the body.

Some of the erroneous zone of solid wood furniture:

1, the veneer veneer furniture known as solid wood furniture. In fact, this kind of furniture should belong to board type furniture. Definition of wood furniture is the natural wood, as long as the furniture body through synthetic processing of furniture is not solid wood furniture.

Sales techniques used are: tell you is below the panel blockboard, then said joiner board is a wood, and then put the furniture known as solid wood furniture. If you do not see, would have been over. Blockboard plywood, do not belong to solid wood category, although it is real wood, the difference between the two is not the flour called meters.

2, some special paper veneer furniture known as solid wood furniture. Some paper veneer furniture surface do almost with solid wood furniture as like as two peas, especially several classical brand of Wenzhou, not the furniture almost invisible. The sales staff will mix the spurious with the genuine, you buy, make money is her, it is you. The identification of the furniture to look behind me articles:

3, some local solid wood furniture as solid wood furniture. Some furniture door is a full solid plates, but not, but sales staff called wood, not really, this kind of furniture should be bound to plate and solid wood furniture, should be called semi solid wood furniture is more appropriate, as the mermaid although like people but not called.

Panel furniture

Glossary: main parts of furniture all the decorative surface of man-made board, plywood, particle board, blockboard, medium density fiber board made of.

Characteristics of board type furniture: are all kinds of metal connector connecting plate, column. Vertical and horizontal, the lack of gradation. According to the furniture surface veneer of different, divided into wood veneer, veneer, melamine veneer, furniture paint surface. Its use in 5-12 years, suitable for young people to use, and it is now the most popular furniture.

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