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Classical furniture maintenance has exquisite: comply with natural features

In the face of the furniture of different characteristics, different maintenance features, we are often unprepared when maintenance, the following several ways, let's enjoy in happiness at the same time, easy maintenance.

Follow wood

Should follow the wood furniture maintenance, also is the "temper" of furniture: summer, it often rains, should avoid the window furniture put, so as not to be affected with damp be affected with damp in the rainy weather, bad surface, damage the mortise and tenon joint. Northern families have central heating in the winter, the person is close to central heating is very comfortable, but some furniture have to stay away from heat, avoid excessive contraction caused by temperature is too high and wood, leading to cracking.

Many furniture still afraid of the wind, especially with the furniture, such as desk, the furniture such as ark type, affected by the drying shrinkage is wet bilge, blow in FengKouChu long easy to crack, warp.

To prevent the case surface TaYao

There is a long narrow table called put aside lath case, case surface is very long, very thick, also is very heavy. Its leg is not one of the case and case, but is removable. Commonly known as "a piece of jade" in the north, the south is called "terrier board", popular in the late qing dynasty, people generally use it to set the heavy they or rock bonsai, etc.

Because the item on the surface of the case is very heavy, so the case surface pressure is very big. Case surface at both ends with case leg support, so is not hard, but the case among surface is impending, after a long time will is in danger of TaYao. In order to avoid this kind of phenomenon, should be every one year or half a year in the face side, slightly curved surface of the case for change and reduction of the stress direction.

Southern furniture lacquer for moisture proof

Because the south humid climate, in order to moistureproof, furniture surface basically all smear a thin layer of raw lacquer. Sue for the characteristics of the furniture is paint on the inside and outside, inside and out are protected. Wide furniture also brush a layer of paint. Painted for the average person is difficult, can ask professional personage to do. Beijing hardwood furniture is not painted, only in hot surface a layer of wax. Because of dry weather in the north, do not need to paint, and wax, the furniture is in use process through long-term repeated strokes, on the surface of the wax will seep into the wood, oxidizing, wrapped slurry. Has formed a patina of furniture surface cannot be affected by boiled water very hot, can't touch soluble liquid, such as gasoline, otherwise it will damage the wrapped slurry.

How to maintain the desktop

There is a sentence as the saying goes: "cold can't brew tea table." This sentence is complied with wood, for furniture storage environment temperature cannot quench heat. Take, for example, on the surface of the stone furniture (such as tables, screens, etc.) can't on outside in winter, summer is not under the sun, in order to avoid cracking.

The oil on the desktop, can use alcohol to wipe, if there is no alcohol, wipe with high spirits can also, this is the old Beijing the in common use method of a large house.

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