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About US
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Corporation Culture
Corporate Culture
Management theory of the company: Sincere, practical, open up, keep forging ahead . Sincere: Honest, behave exactly in the same way as one thinks one ought to , cultivate one's moral character foundation that set up one's own business towards brightness people; Practical: Do solid work , respect work and love hillock is towards brightness foundation; Open-up: Show great foresight , weed out the old and bring forth the new, towards brightness management strategy of people; Keep forging ahead : The ocean accomodates all rivers on earth, encourage the precise picture to change, the development way from representative to brightness .
Quality policy of the company: People first, scientific and technical innovation, achieve success through good quality, Sincere service.
Operations objective of the company: Develop into and have rich large-scale furniture company of economic strength , create more wealth for enterprise and society. Satisfy customer need, offer safe, good product and service to customer, Make the customer experience that the thing exceeds the happinesses worthed.
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ADD:No.309 Chengchong industrial Park, Longjiang Town,Shunde District,Foshan city,Guangdong Province, China office furniture manufacturers & supplier.
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